Publishing Information

Shufu to Seikatsu Sha Co., Ltd.
(株式会社 主婦と生活社)
3-5-7 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8357 Japan tel:+81(0)3-3563-5120
President and CEO Katsuhisa Takanoh
April 11, 1935
20,000,000 yen
138(as of Jan an 2024)
7,900,000,000yen (2023 fiscal year)
Main Business Areas

Magazine publishing

Shukan Josei, Leon,  Junon, ar, Cotton Time, Ne-Ne, PASH!, Watashi no Country,and others

Mook Titles

Kurashi no Oheso, Otona ni Nattara Kitai Fuku, and others

Book Subjects

fashion, food, housing and interior, horticulture, culture, health and beauty, child raising, hobbies, leisure, practical housekeeping, home economics,

Mail order business

mail order shopping (publishing inserts)


co-marketing with publishing
    • Shukan Josei

      For all women who are interested in news, trends, and useful information from tabloid gossip to social events. (Weekly)

    • JUNON

      Features the most popular stars among young adults, with interviews and gravure photos. Its popular contest, “JUNON Boy Contest”, has launched many successful careers. (Monthly)

    • LEON

      Men’s lifestyle magazine for 30-50 year olds… For an enhanced sense of life. [LEON] recommends high quality goods and unparalleled excellence for the attractive man with luxurious fashion, entertainment, sports and volunteer activities. (Monthly)

    • ar

      [ar] is focused on hair style, make-up, fashion trends, diets, and sports for active young women. (Monthly)

    • PASH!

      Everything a female fan of Japanese anime would want to know: Packed with what’s new and what’s hot, close-up interviews with male voice actors from anime hits, and reports of anime-related events. (Monthly)

    • Ne-Ne

      The magazine was first published in 1995. Our editorial policy is to be full of “cute.” The original concept was to provide ‘cute’ ideas to children of all ages – from early childhood and throughout elementary school. However, the magazine has been success largely through its appeal to mothers and is now enjoys a readership including many 20-somethings. (Bi-monthly)


      The complete guide for handicraft is targeted for women in their 30’s and 40’s. (Bi-monthly, on even numbered months)

    • Watashi-no-Country

      Lifestyle magazine dedicated to the humble necessities of life, for those who enjoy a natural lifestyle.